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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gresa Behluli e Kenaqur me "Zhurma Show Awards"...

photo by avni selmani
Gresa e kenaqur me cmimin “Zico TV”

Kengetarja Gresa Behluli po rezulton me mjafte sukses ne projektet e saj muzikore. Ajo se fundi ishte nominuar me videoklipin “Faqe e Re” ne “Zhurma Show Awards 2011” qe u mbajt disa dite me pare. Gresa ndjehet e kenaqur me kete cmim, ndonese kjo eshte vetem nje hap me i madh per te ecur perpara.

“Jam ndiere shume e vleresuar qe arrita te marre nje cmim nga nje televizion qe tanime e ka krijuar imazhin e vet, e kete imazh mendoj qe po e forcon edhe me shume me evenimentin ‘Zhurma Show Awards’. Eshte i vetmi eveniment qe i shperblen te gjitha llojet e muzikes.

Ne mesin e shume emrave qe ishin ate nate me vjen mire qe ai cmim me takoj mua”, ka thene ajo per “Zeri”. Gresa tani eshte e angazhuar edhe me projekte te reja me te cilat thote se do te prezantohet ne programet e vitit te ri. /k.b./zeri/tetor 2011/
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Gresa satisfied with the price "ZICO TV"

Behluli Gresa singer is quite successful results in her musical projects. She recently was nominated to the video clip "New Page" in "Noise Show Awards 2011" held a few days ago. Gresa feels comfortable with this price, although this is only a big step forward.

"I felt very much appreciated that I managed to get a price from a television that has already created its own image, the image I think this is strengthening even more the event 'Awards Show Noise'. It is the only event that rewards all kinds of music.

Among the many names that were that night I'm glad that he meet my price, "she told" Voice ". Gresa is now also committed to new projects which means that programs will be presented in the new year.

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